So Why Are We Changing?

Well, the short answer is, David Weber said to.
The long answer is more involved than I want to get into here, but suffice to say that Mr. Weber, the senior management, and many others noticed that there had been a growing infection on the Facebook pages, and that we needed to change something to make this all work in the long run.
Without going into details, some people have strong views expressed on their personal pages, not always diplomatically, and when those strong views clash with another member’s equally strong views, people get upset. Because Facebook exists to have people communicate across boundaries, that very nature (which is a good thing, usually) caused posts to be shown in relation to each other, when there was no relation. And people began to wonder if this or that comment in the RMN Facebook sphere was aimed at their views on certain topics. And so arguments over these views spread from personal Facebook to RMN Facebook, and the lines we need to have between these things blurred.
Add to this a not-insignificant number of members who refuse to use Facebook, and this change was a long time coming,
So, with this in mind, and Mr. Weber’s instruction, off to the forums we go.

How Does That Fix It?

Well…it might not. This is one of the main arguments against the move. What this does do, and does completely, is provide space.
That personal argument with member X on your wall? Now it isn’t made worse because they posted in RMN Facebook about something, so you are seeing it fresh. No one is suggesting you see the person you dislike all day on your feed.
Space matters – and not just because a CLAC won’t float! We need that separation to keep our sanity. Facebook is everywhere, getting away for a bit is good.
Further, this move allows the people who felt excluded by our use of Facebook to be included, which is the goal.

But I Like Facebook!

And I do too!
But, honestly, Facebook has issues. Nay, it has libraries worth of subscriptions. And those problems hurt a group like us.
How? Well, search is one. Facebook’s search function is bad – and it only shows you the results Facebook thinks matter. In the same way, Facebook only shows you the posts it wants to – notice how the default view is ‘top posts’? Yes, it decides what you see. Even if you change to ‘most recent’ you don’t see everything. The less you interact with the page – not clicking like or share, but clicking onto the page itself – the less you see.
And that’s just the surface. Privacy issues, intrusiveness, and other problems abound with the Facebook platform. It is good at what it is meant to do, but that is not what we need it to be good at.

So How Do I Use It?

Here is the meat of the message! It is very simple.
You need your Medusa login. This is the email you signed up with and the password you created then. If you forgot the password, there is a reset option on the main page. Go to, and click on “Forgot your password”.
Then enter your email address, and follow the on-screen prompts to get the new password sent to you. If you forgot your email, it is the email you are reading this on!
Once you have your password, head over to

Enter your information, and click ‘Login’.
As you can see, there is a LOT of stuff here. Everything TRMN is in this one place, so the list is long – but you can see it is also all in one place, and while it looks daunting, it is easy to find what you need.

To find HMS Demon, click on the folder named ‘Royal Manticoran Navy’ – it is the third down.

Then click on ‘Second Fleet’, 4th down.

HMS Demon is second from the bottom of the page…no, I don’t know why.

And there you are!

From here, you can see the universal posts, under the yellow bar, and our posts under the purple. To enter a topic just click on the name, and you can see all the posts there. To create a new post, click ‘New Topic’, and you can post away!