Organizational Changes
TL:DR…we changed how we promote, so you might be getting one!
Rank, TIG, Promotions Change Effective August 1st
Ok, so here is the quick take.
We changed how promotions work for the TRMN as a whole. Before, it was all and only based on testing. No test, no rank. The end. This had the unintended consequence of holding back active members who didn’t test.
That has changed.
We are now on a point system for rank, with three ‘tracks’ for promotions. Each has slightly different rules designed to compliment the individual member’s goals and ambitions. The tracks are:
Service – this is for members who have no desire to move above the chapter level. Service members are capped in rank at E-7 (Chief Petty Officer) for enlisted, WO-02 (Warrant Officer 2nd Class) for Warrants, and O-4 (Lieutenant Commander) at the officer level, and may not serve in command triads or any non-ship position. Please note that some of these are Promotion Board promotions, and you must qualify for the board to promote you.
Staff – this is for members who wish to move above the Service track, but not into leadership. Staff members are capped in rank at E-9 (Master Chief Petty Officer) for enlisted, WO-03 (Chief Warrant Officer) for Warrants, and F-2b (Rear Admiral) at the officer level. Staff members may serve in any non-leadership position in the organization – just not actual leadership roles. Staff officers and NCOs will include all department heads and billets.
Line – this is the same as it has always been. Line members are able to serve in all capacities in the organization that they are tested to and qualified for. So, no change here.
As an important note – you must declare for Line membership! That is not assumed, Service is the default setting. You can always change paths.
Here is the actual change in how this all works…less testing for non-Line members! Staff & Service members can hit Spacer 1st without a single test, and are required to take fewer tests than Line members. Of course, you are never barred from testing as much as you like! The change is, if you are not interested, eventually you will be promoted.
There are also activity points, and other ways of gaining promotion points. A far more detailed message is coming, with a better breakdown of all this.
So, watch the Facebook and the forum for a bunch of promotions coming soon!
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
AO Full Text
I am still looking for Deputy COLAC, Bosun, and XO. These postings are intended to be a source of future command triad members, so you need to be willing and able to test to the proper levels.
This is a great introduction to the command and leadership side of the chapter, and is ideal for anyone interested in moving up! Due to the far-flung nature of the ship, you need not be located in the Chicago area, this can be done remotely.
Send your statement of interest to co@, thank you!