Marines – You Have Hit Platoon Level!
Congratulations! This is an amazing achievement for a MARDET formed as recently as ours! But now, we have some decisions to make! I am forming a MARDET page in Facebook for this discussion and others.
Link in the next section!
Yup, a platoon.
So here is what we have – a Platoon in RMMC needs the following leadership positions:
Platoon CO – 2nd Lieutenant (O-1)
Platoon Gunny – Staff Sergeant (E-6)
1st Squad Leader – Sergeant (E-5)
2nd Squad Leader – Corporal (E-4)
The officer & Gunny are the command team, and are usually expected to be the most active.
We have our squad leaders in E-5 Thomas Paukstis and E-4 Matthew Shultz. As the existing leaders, they have first refusal on moving up into the Platoon leadership. We will need you tested to the rank – time in grade can be waved for the formation of the platoon, but you need those tests done. As always, I will be able to assist to the limit allowed in getting you tested up.
The Gunny and 1st Squad cannot be the same person, so of the 11 Marines in the MARDET, we need two to step forward.
What does this mean to you, other than a shiny new rank, and a Platoon designation? Glad you asked!
In the RMMC, we have three main types of Platoons – Rifle, Heavy Weapons, and Assault. Unlike the Navy, you can choose any of those you want. And your choice is 100% yours – no one can force you to pick a specific one.
But you will need to pick one! The default is Rifle. If you want to head another direction, you’ll need to choose it. On the up side, the choice is, again, all yours, and you are fully qualified to be any of these!
That’s it for now. As always, if you don’t Facebook, or have any sort of questions, you can always reach me at co@, and I will pass messages along! We have a Platoon to form! Let’s be about it!