July Newsletter
Late and short, but here it is! Also some convention stuff…
Lord Kitchener PosterWe are fast approaching November, and the beginning of the HMS Demon Home Conventions. First up is WindyCon, our debut convention. This is located in Lombard, and runs from November 10 – 12. We will be doing both a fan table and party room, and we need your help to make this work!
Unlike the other cons this past year, WindyCon is a big deal to both our Command Team and the Task Force in general. We have a reputation to live up to, and that means pulling out all the stops.
So, I would take it as a personal favor if you could come and be a part of the fun! Of course we will need set-up / tear-down assistance and operational assistance, but even being there to represent the Demon and lend a hand as you can will have an impact.
We will have more details coming as we get closer. Go ahead and block off the weekend now, and see if you can come help HMS Demon return to WindyCon in style!
Welcome to our new members:
C1 Tsetska Radoslavova Bankova Jr
E1 Jason Greene
Glad to have you!
As a reminder, all Spacers 3/c are responsible for airlock seal inspections, hull washing, and explosive decompression drills. Test up to get better assignments today!
See above! We made a huge splash here last year, and want to do so again. If you only make one convention this year, this is the one! I hope to see everyone there – it’s a big deal.
Check out the convention page for more details, and we will add events into the Facebook calendar shortly.
Meeting Time!
July is a slammed month on my end, so I am going to audible a meeting here, and add it to the calendar on Facebook.
I’ll be at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL on the 29th for Military Through The Ages. Let’s meet there – it is a great place, lots of grounds to explore, kid-friendly, and only $10 to park. No admission charges to the park itself.
This used to be the estate of Robert McCormack, publisher of the Chicago Tribune, and is named for Cantigny, France, where he saw action in WWI. While there is a lot of ground to stroll (and gardens to check out), it is not so huge as to be impossible to cover in a day. Directions here.
I’ll see you there, as we break from tradition and actually DO something!
I am still looking for Deputy COLAC, Bosun, and XO. These postings are intended to be a source of future command triad members, so you need to be willing and able to test to the proper levels.
This is a great introduction to the command and leadership side of the chapter, and is ideal for anyone interested in moving up! Due to the far-flung nature of the ship, you need not be located in the Chicago area, this can be done remotely.
Send your statement of interest to co@, thank you!