Welcome To HMS Demon
Welcome! I am pleased to present the first HMS Demon Newsletter, a source for information about the ship, events, accomplishments, and everything else we may want to highlight. There is a bunch to get to, so let’s jump right in!
Winter War 44 was a success! We added eight new members, and are getting close to seeing a new chapter in central Illinois! Thanks to Spacer 2/c Kevin Walsh for the head’s up and introductions!
We have had a great 2017 so far – in just one month, we added the following new members:
E-1 Danalyn Byle, GSN
E-1 Michael Flanagan, RMN
E-2 Larry Dale French, Sr., RMMC
C-1 Andrew James Graumlich , CIVIL
E-1 Rebecca Ann Graumlich , RMN
E-1 Douglas C Keller, RMMC
E-1 Jeffrey B Kopec , RMN
E-1 Gregory Roe Stille , RMMC
E-1 N. Bradley Trumpinski , RMN
E-1 Robert Henry Weagly , RMN
Welcome to all!
February is CapriCon! We will be staffing a fan table and party room at this long-running Chicago- area convention. The event is a Task Force 22 event, headed by Sir Sherman Day, and supported by personnel from HMS Demon. Drop Sir Sherman an email to volunteer, or click on the Facebook event link to confirm your attendance.
The following promotions have been posted, congratulations to all!
David Haas to Petty Officer, 3rd Class
Sir Christopher Thompson, KE to Senior Chief Petty Officer
Chris Picchi to Senior Chief Petty Office
Kevin Walsh to Spacer 2/c
Walter Ernst, to Obergefraiter (Spacer 2/c)
Tammy Collins, to Clerk
I am now taking applications for Deputy COLAC, Bosun, and XO. These postings are intended to be a source of future command triad members, so you need to be willing and able to test to the proper levels.
This is a great introduction to the command and leadership side of the chapter, and is ideal for anyone interested in moving up! Due to the far-flung nature of the ship, you need not be located in the Chicago area, this can be done remotely.
Send your statement of interest to co@, thank you!