August Newsletter
So, you want a promotion, huh?
So by now, you may have seen the massive promotion list posted on the forum and Facebook.
This is not going to be usual.
Basically, promotions have become…different. You’ll get points for being a member (1 every 3 months), testing, conventions (even just for attending – so let me know about those!), meetings, awards, and so on.
The net result is that active members will have more options to advance, regardless of tests. For example, all of the folks who just made E-2 did so without any exams.
Now, there is a cap – and rules. I covered that in the Points message sent out last month. But for people who like cons, and hate tests, you can be promoted up to Spacer 1st Class just for doing things (and further with that pesky 1st exam).
In most every way, this is a positive. My hope is that it encourages people who may have thought it was too hard to get ahead to be more active on their own. After all, if you attend a local con, you get points. We’d love to see you at one of our events, but if you are all about Adepticon, or Midwest Furfest, or whatever, go for it! Let me know you went, and how many days, and boom…points.
So get out there and be active!
As a reminder, all Spacers 3/c are responsible for airlock seal inspections, hull washing, and explosive decompression drills. Suits are for closers.
Test up to get better assignments today!
We made a huge splash here last year, and want to do so again. If you only make one convention this year, this is the one! I hope to see everyone there – it’s a big deal.
Check out the convention page for more details, and we will add events into the Facebook calendar shortly.
Meeting Time!
No, I am not forgetting something. Between insane personal stuff, and club stuff, August is a near-total wash. So, it was suggested (thanks, Rick!) to skip it, and go for a potluck picnic in September.
I am suggesting a return to Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL on the 23rd. They are hosting a vintage baseball day, which can be a lot of fun to watch. So, we will be seeing about getting some space and doing a potluck style event.
I will be posting this on Facebook, and we need to get interested parties signed up by the end of August, so we know what to expect.
I am still looking for Deputy COLAC, Bosun, and XO. These postings are intended to be a source of future command triad members, so you need to be willing and able to test to the proper levels.
This is a great introduction to the command and leadership side of the chapter, and is ideal for anyone interested in moving up! Due to the far-flung nature of the ship, you need not be located in the Chicago area, this can be done remotely.
Send your statement of interest to co@, thank you!