April Newsletter
There have been some major changes, we will cover them in this month’s newsletter.
Also, news about monthly meeting, con schedules, and more!
By now, I am sure you have all heard the news.
Official tRMN is leaving Facebook for a forum hosted on the main organizational URL.
Many of you may have read my public posts or semi-private emails about this, and nothing I said there has changed. By the same token, none of that is more than one opinion. At the end of the day, we serve at David Weber’s pleasure, and when he requests that we change direction, we do so.
That said, we will be moving all official communication to the forum, the image is the link. I will keep the FB page going, and cross post there, but it has been set to ‘secret’, in compliance with the rules. Events will continue to be focused on Facebook, for ease of planning and convenience.
I welcome everyone’s input – and encourage everyone to email your thoughts, etc. to me directly, just hit ‘reply’!
March saw the launch of HMS Wolfhound, Lieutenant Commander Cassandria M Vestweber, commanding. Joining the crew are:
Christopher Thompson (XO)
David Larimer (Bosun)
John Register
Brandon Guthrie
Juan Martinez
Matthew Clark
Teresa Clark
Karen Barnes
Tara Duham
Martin Tizura
Congratulations to all, and look forward to working with you!
This Kentucky convention is a TF22 effort, and will be held in Louisville April 7-9. For details, contact Captain Day, the convention website, or check details at the Facebook event.
As a reminder, all Spacer 3/c are responsible for airlock seal inspections, hull washing, and explosive decompression drills. Test up to get better assignments today!
Meeting Time!
With a convention this month, the ship meeting is going to be a really informal event. My preference is to push cons over meetings, and see how we can build presence there. So for some months, there won’t be a con & meeting setup. But we are into the con season now, and I would hate to basically pause meetings until…August? September?
So, we will be meeting at the end of the month – either the 22nd or 29th. I will put a poll on the forum and FB to confirm. If neither works, we will table until June – with the schedule in May as it is, there isn’t a good weekend for a meeting.
Promotions & Billets!
The following promotions and rating / billets have been posted, congratulations to all!
E4 Jeff Lecouris (RMN-2826-15) to E5
E4 Valerie Rose (RMN-1920-14) to E5
E2 Larry Dale French Sr. (RMN-4305-17) to Secondary Specialty – Embassy Guard
I am still looking for Deputy COLAC, Bosun, and XO. These postings are intended to be a source of future command triad members, so you need to be willing and able to test to the proper levels.
This is a great introduction to the command and leadership side of the chapter, and is ideal for anyone interested in moving up! Due to the far-flung nature of the ship, you need not be located in the Chicago area, this can be done remotely.
Send your statement of interest to co@, thank you!