HMS Demon Ship’s Order 1708-02 (1 August, 2017)
To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Demon (CLAC-62)
From: Captain (SG) Sir Geoffrey Strayer, Commanding Officer
RE: Promotion Announcement
By my hand and the authority vested in me as commanding officer, HMS Demon, I hereby make the following announcements:
In accordance with the changes to promotion processing as delineated in AO1707-01, the following members of MARDET Demon are hereby promoted, having attained the points needed for such promotions.
E-1 Eric L Fornander, RMN-4002-16 to E-2
E-1 Mark Richard Ingles, RMN-4169-16 to E-2
E-1 Douglas C Keller III, RMN-4327-17 to E-2
E-1 Derrick Ralph, RMN-4103-16 to E-2
E-1 Pat Sayre McCoy, RMN-4159-16 to E-2
In the name of Queen Elizabeth III
Geoffrey Strayer, KDE, SC, CGM
Captain (Senior Grade), RMN
Commanding Officer, HMS Demon, CLAC-62
Commanding Officer Task Group 22.1