HMS Demon Ship’s Order 1708-01 (1 August, 2017)
To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Demon (CLAC-62)
From: Captain (SG) Sir Geoffrey Strayer, Commanding Officer
RE: Promotion Announcement
By my hand and the authority vested in me as commanding officer, HMS Demon, I hereby make the following announcements:
In accordance with the changes to promotion processing as delineated in AO1707-01, the following members in the Service Track are hereby promoted, having attained the points needed for such promotions.
E-5 Chris Jacklin, RMN-2613-14 to E-6
E-5 Kevin Zigman, RMN-0501-11 E-6
E-4 Davis Haas, RMN-3515-15, to E-5
E-3 Michael Wallis, RMN-1020-12, to E-4
E-2 Judy Goodman, RMN-4161-16 to E-3
E-2 Julianne White, RMN-4147-16 to E-3
E-1 Jeszy Arnold, RMN-4692-17 to E-2
E-1 Alexander Bailey-Mathews, RMN-0883-12 to E-2
E-1 Aaron Barnhart, RMN-3498-15 to E-2
E-1 Edward L Benson Jr, RMN-4358-17 to E-2
E-1 Jeff Block, RMN-3110-15 to E-2
E-1 Michael Boren, RMN-3652-16 to E-2
E-1 Steve Budde, RMN-3159-15 to E-2
E-1 Andrew Cerney, RMN-4174-16 to E-2
E-1 Thomas Cheung, RMN-2651-14 to E-2
E-1 Jeffrey Cluff, RMN-2112-15 to E-2
E-1 Ronni Davis, RMN-4160-16 to E-2
E-1 Sondra Decker, RMN-3009-15 to E-2
E-1 Matthew Dedman, RMN-4237-16 to E-2
E-1 Michael Sean Dugan, RMN-4157-16 to E-2
E-1 Robert Keith Fischer, RMN-4373-17 to E-2
E-1 David Freeman, RMN-2065-14 to E-2
E-1 Frank Charles Gallagher, RMN-4212-16 to E-2
E-1 Al L Gibson Jr, RMN-4095-16 to E-2
E-1 James Hook, RMN-2419-14 to E-2
E-1 Jamison Jones, RMN-0637-12 to E-2
E-1 William R Jorns, RMN-4146-16 to E-2
E-1 Ralph Keller, RMN-1926-14 to E-2
E-1 Allison Krentkowski, RMN-4238-16 to E-2
E-1 Kerry Kuhn, RMN-4162-16 to E-2
E-1 Marcy Lyn-Waitsman, RMN-4168-16 to E-2
E-1 George Macas Jr, RMN-1780-14 to E-2
E-1 Joseph Madden, RMN-2897-15 to E-2
E-1 Ordo Mancer, RMN-4003-16 to E-2
E-1 Aaron Marra, RMN-1145-12 to E-2
E-1 Scot Moir, RMN-1517-13 to E-2
E-1 Kaitlyn B Morgan, RMN-4167-16 to E-2
E-1 Steven David Nelson, RMN-3962-16 to E-2
E-1 Christian Nenn, RMN-2504-14 to E-2
E-1 Danielle E Ostach, RMN-3705-16 to E-2
E-1 Janice Satanek, RMN-1082-12 to E-2
E-1 Andrew Blair Scheeler, RMN-4475-17 to E-2
E-1 Randal Scheib, RMN-3011-15 to E-2
E-1 Adam Selzer, RMN-4227-16 to E-2
E-1 Jeff Alan Smith, RMN-3882-16 to E-2
E-1 Michael Stern, RMN-4165-16 to E-2
E-1 Gregory Roe Stille, RMN-4331-17 to E-2
E-1 Jerome Giovanni Udongo, RMN-2198-15 to E-2
E-1 Kurt Walter, RMN-0681-12 to E-2

In the name of Queen Elizabeth III
Geoffrey Strayer, KDE, SC, CGM
Captain (Senior Grade), RMN
Commanding Officer, HMS Demon, CLAC-62
Commanding Officer Task Group 22.1