HMS Demon Ship’s Order 1702-02
To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Demon (CLAC-62)
From: Captain (JG) Sir Geoffrey Strayer, Commanding Officer
RE: MOS & Billet
By my hand and the authority vested in me as commanding officer, HMS Demon, I hereby make the following announcements:
It is a long-standing tradition, inherited from the first Marines, in the Age of Sail, that all members of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps are Riflemen first. However, we also need Marines in other positions, and each Marine is encouraged to select the MOS that most fits both the needs of the Corps as well as their own abilities and temperament.
In accordance with that tradition, and having completed the necessary A School, Private First Class Larry Dale French, Sr., RMN-4305-17, is hereby assigned to the Military Police Service of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, and empowered with all rights, duties, responsibilities, and privileges of that office.
Possimus Perficio.
In the name of Queen Elizabeth III
Geoffrey Strayer, KDE
Captain (Junior Grade), RMN
Commanding Officer, HMS Demon, CLAC-62