HMS Demon Ship’s Order 1611-06
To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Demon (CLAC-62)
From: Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, Commanding Officer
RE: WindyCon After Action Report
This past weekend the HMS Demon conducted recruitment operations at WindyCon from November 11th through November 13th, 2016. We had a Fan Table and hosted a Party Room. Additionally, members from the Minneapolis area came down, and up from Lafayette, to the Chicago Area to assist us in these operations. In attendance, in at least Con Minimum, and working at least one shift at either the Table or the Party Room, or Both, but usually much more, were:
Rear Admiral John Neitz, Second Fleet Commanding Officer
Captain (SG) Garret Bitker, HMS Merlin Commanding Officer
Captain (SG) Sherman Day, HMS Demon Commanding Officer
Captain (JG) Justin Dupras, HMS Demon COLAC
Captain (JG) Geoff Strayer, HMS Demon Executive Officer
Commander Teresa Remaly, HMS Apollo Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Martin Garcia, HMS Demon Wardroom Officer
Warrant Officer Ursula Day, HMS Demon Steward Head
Command Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Bill Lochen, Office of the 2nd Space Lord
Corporal Thomas Paukstis, RMMC, HMS Demon Marine (Friday only due to work)
Spacer Ann Erikson, HMS Lodestone Crewmember
Spacer Danielle Erikson, HMS Lodestone Crewmember
Spacer 2/c Lee McKinnis, HMS Demon Crewmember
Captain (JG) Geoff Strayer has been my Rock during the planning of WindyCon. When I would call him and say I still need such and such, he would respond, ‘I got that.’ For this, Captain Strayer is hereby awarded the ‘Navy Achievement Medal’ effective November 15, 2016.
Special Mention is given that Lieutenant Commander Martin Garcia is currently residing in Florida to take care of his family. He therefore traveled from Florida especially to be assist with these operations, and therefore I hereby recognize his dedication to the ship by awarding him the ‘Navy Achievement Medal’ effective November 15, 2016.
Spacer Cassi Vestweber, and Spacer Julianne White were recruited Friday Night during the Party Room party and immediately began assisting in the party… S/2 Cassi by assisting the Chief as a Missile Tech, and S/3 by assisting in keeping the room clean and straight with steward duties. You may have noticed I wrote S/2 Cassi. That was not a Typo. By Sunday Morning she had taken the First Exam and I promoted her with a 3 month waiver to Spacer Second Class… She was previously ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ for her quickness to take her first exam, as well as jumping in to her duties. Not only that, but she personally began recruiting new members to the ship and has been recruiting since the convention has ended. She is not being Awarded a ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ a Second Time per se, but just a further acknowledgement of her previous mention since this is the same incident…
Prior to the Party Friday night, we went out to dinner. Our choice of restaurant wound up being ill advised as there was a long wait, and by the time we were seated it was apparent we would not be able to make it back before the scheduled start time for the Party. Therefore I particularly mention this, and ‘Mention Captain Bitker in Dispatches’, for sacrificing his meal by returning to the Suite so he could be on hand to open the Party Room on time, while the rest of us enjoyed a High Quality meal at a Greek Restaurant, when we finally arrived almost 30-45 minutes after he had the party started.
We had the Room looking fantastic between decorations brought down from Minnesota, and ship’s crests I printed out sent to me from various ships in Second Fleet. I was still missing some from Ships that either didn’t have crests, or didn’t respond to my requests for copies of their crests, but most of the ships of Second Fleet were represented on the walls of our Party Room.
The Minnesota Crew brought down the Trade show sign, so we wound up with a two table display, which the Fan Table Organizer graciously permitted when requested.
Normally, I create a Google Drive File and record who is recruited at the table as they are recruited. This event I did not set it up in advance, and did not instruct the first table recruiters before we had half a dozen new recruits, so do not know how many we recruited to other ships. I recall being told we sent at least one cross country to the Carolinas, and perhaps 3 or more into Wisconsin and Michigan. As of today, the HMS Demon has received 24 notifications from BuPers and has 80 members on the Roster. 3 of the new members are Civilian, 1 adult chose SFS (4 Civilians including SFS), 1 Grayson Navy, 2 Marines (Bringing us to 6 Marines), 1 Army, and 16 RMN Navy Personnel.
At Chi-Fi, I brought too much Beer, so I bought less beer for this event, by bringing only half as much. It seems I still brought too much beer. Although, more beer was consumed. For our next event, I’ll again only bring half of what I brought this time. The same can be said on the wine. I only brought half as much as I had at Chi-Fi. Again, I will only bring half as much as I had at WindyCon… I also brought too much pop this time. But that wasn’t a problem as I was able to return it to the store. Water was just about right. Then again, I kept hearing, I didn’t know you had Beer and Wine, even though it was on the Party Invites I had printed out and handed out, as well as the signs in the hall way. Next time, I’ll also have signs above the bar that say, “Beer” and “Wine.”
A Raffle was suggested by Rear Admiral Heidi Nelson, who contacted various vendors to bring together prizes. This brought in $215 in pre-convention sales and unfortunately I didn’t track the sales at the convention, but perhaps another $60 in sales at the convention. $20 of which was left as a tip for the housecleaning staff in turn… For her assistance, and idea to help us raise money, I wish to ‘Mention Admiral Nelson in Dispatches’.
We received the ‘Best Party’ award, which will give us one free room night next year, as well as a $75 Target Gift Card as well as the trophy. We also received ‘Best Non-Alcoholic Drink’ award which included another $75 as well as the trophy. For this I wish to ‘Mention everyone in Dispatches’ that worked, set up or broke down the Party Room, as listed above, This was a joint effort, and could not have been done without each and every one of them. This is Your Award HMS Demon! This is Your Award Gryhon Fleet! Thank you for doing me proud.
In Service to the Queen,
Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, KCE, SC CGM, RMN
HMS Demon (CLAC-62) – Commanding
TRMN 2nd Fleet