HMS Demon Ship’s Order 1611-02
To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Demon (CLAC-62)
From: Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, Commanding Officer
RE: Promotion
The below listed personnel, have completed their Time in Grade in their current rank, and have fulfilled their educational requirements to be promoted to the next Grade:
As their Commanding Officer it is with great pleasure I hereby promote the below listed crewmembers IAW TRMN Membership Handbook, TRMN CO’s Manual: Promotion Authority, and AO 1510-01, effective Friday, November 11, 2016, at 00:01 hours.
Petty Officer 3/c Chris Jacklin, RMN-2613-14, to Petty Officer 2/c (E-5)
Electronics Warfare Mate 3/c Kevin Zigman, RMN-0501-11, to Electronics Warfare Mate 2/c (E-5)
Whom are entitled to all the privileges, rights, duties, and responsibilities to be accorded a Non-Commissioned Officer in The Royal Manticoran Navy.
It is the duty of all Spacers to select a rating and complete their ‘A’ School, which I am pleased to say has already been completed by both crewmembers. Furthermore it is the duty of all Non-Commissioned Officers to continue their education in their chosen rating and complete their ‘C’ School.
In Service to the Queen,
Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, RMN, KCE, CGM
HMS Demon (CLAC-62) – Commanding