HMS Demon Ship’s Order 1606-01
To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Demon (CLAC-62)
From: Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, Commanding Officer
RE: Mentioned in Dispatches
On June 1, 2016 the following information was included in the HMS Demon’s Bi-Monthly Ship’s Report.
While at ‘Gaming at the Admiralty House’ in Libertyville, IL on May 7, 2016, Chief Petty Officer Lettermann, the Bosun of the HMS Demon, presented an idea to Fleet Admiral Lessem for adhering patches to the Royal Manticoran Navy Uniforms. This is a ‘Modular’ system using Velcro on the sleeves of the uniform, and on the back of the various patches; ship, rank, etc. similar to how the current modern US Military does with their uniforms.
The idea was well received by the FLA.
For this, CPO Letterman was ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ during the report, and is hereby being further Mentioned to the membership at large, and is entitled to wear a ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ Stripe upon his uniform.
In Service to the Queen,
Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, KCE, SC, CGM
HMS Demon (CLAC-62) – Commanding