HMS Demon Ship’s Order 1605-02
To: All officers and enlisted personnel of HMS Demon (CLAC-62)
From: Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, Commanding Officer
RE: Promotion
The below listed personnel, have completed their Time in Grade in their current rank, and have fulfilled their educational requirements to be promoted to the next Grade:
As their Commanding Officer it is with great pleasure I hereby promote the below listed crewmembers IAW TRMN Membership Handbook, TRMN CO’s Manual: Promotion Authority, and AO 1510-01, effective Wednesday, May 18, 2015, at 00:01 hours.
Petty Officer 2/c Charles Shananaquet, RMN-0108-11, to Petty Officer 1/c (E-6). Furthermore, at his request, and having completed his ‘A’ and ‘C’ Schools in Master-at-Arms, he is assigned the Rating and Billet of Master-at-Arms Mate 1/c (E-6)
MAM 1/c is hereby entitled to all the privileges, rights, duties, and responsibilities to be accorded a Non-Commissioned Officer in The Royal Manticoran Navy.
In Service to the Queen,
Captain (SG) Sir Sherman Day, KCE, CGM
HMS Demon (CLAC-62) – Commanding