About HMS Demon

We are the Chicago area’s largest ship, with members spread from DeKalb, IL in the west to Michigan City, IN in the east. From Terra Haute, IN in the south to Grawn, MI in the north. Our LAC Wing extends as far east as Cleveland, OH, and north to Duluth, MN. Founded in 2016 from the merger of HMS Odin and HMS Gallant, HMS Demon is the first CLAC in 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet.

Since launching, HMS Demon and LAC Wing 62 have served as the seed chapter for HMS Wolfhound, HMS Hotspur, HMS Galahad, GNS Matthias, and HMS Roland.

HMS Demon is currently the flagship for Task Force 22, covering Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the lower peninsula of Michigan.

In July of 2017, HMS Demon also became the flagship for Task Group 22.1, consisting of HMS Demon, HMS Ajax, HMS Apollo, HMS Gryphon, HMS Hotspur, and HMS Wolfhound.


The Royal Manticoran Navy is an open, welcoming organization which is proud to be inclusive of any and all individuals, with no exclusions. We have established a group of people who feel that only by inclusion can we be strong, and we recognize that, just as fans come from all aspects of life, so to will we. On behalf of The Royal Manticoran Navy, I want to extend an invitation to come aboard, and see what we have to offer.

Captain (SG) Geoff Strayer

Commanding Officer, HMS Demon