HMS Demon

Carrier, Light Attack Craft 62

Your Star Kingdom Needs YOU!

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Your Star Kingdom needs you! Join today, and receive the finest training available! Meet the officers and NCOs who stand ready to provide you with all the support, encouragement, and motivation needed to become the best representative of Her Majesty Elizabeth III Winton you can be!

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The publisher of the Honor Harrington series, Baen Books, hosts the first two books, On Basilisk Station and The Honor of the Queen, free! You can download these titles in almost any e-reader format possible, and even read in your browser!

Get Involved!

It is more fun with you there! We are a social group, and we want to have as many people involved as we possibly can. We encourage you to be as active as you choose, or are able – even if that is online only, that is active! We hold regular meetings, and try to spread them around the area so no one group is always driving. We are also at local conventions – look us up!


The Royal Manticoran Navy is an open, welcoming organization which is proud to be inclusive of any and all individuals, with no exclusions. We have established a group of people who feel that only by inclusion can we be strong, and we recognize that, just as fans come from all aspects of life, so to will we. On behalf of The Royal Manticoran Navy, I want to extend an invitation to come aboard, and see what we have to offer.

Captain (SG) Geoff Strayer

Commanding Officer, HMS Demon

Your Star Kingdom Needs You!